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Tuanku Chancellor’s Commendation on UPM’s 50th Anniversary



“I wish you a Happy 50th Anniversary of establishment, Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM).

In pursuing the journey and excellence of UPM as a university, I have witnessed endless achievements by this renowned institution as Menara Ilmu in generating new knowledge through research, imparting knowledge to students and transferring knowledge to the community.

During this 50 years as a reputable public university, UPM has accomplished remarkable feats, including driving the national agenda in agriculture and food security.

UPM will continue to produce more graduates to cater job requirements in various sectors. Since 1971, UPM produced 24,628 Doctor of Philosophy (PhD); 52,921 Master’s Degree; 169,042 Bachelor’s Degree and 37,031 Diploma graduates.

Over the years, UPM has been playing such a significant role in the country’s development and community’s well-being. It has been producing exceptionally outstanding and future-proof graduates, carrying out high quality research and succeeding in knowledge transfer. I have also witnessed that UPM has been very active in public advocacy by providing insights to the community on current issues relating to their lives.

I will continue to pray hard for UPM to maintain its excellence for the next 50 years and so.

Congratulations to UPM and the Tribun Putra Special Edition in conjunction with UPM's 50th Anniversary Celebration.

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